How to install Parquet Flooring

This Flooring while being a fabulously ornamental flooring solution,also has this remarkable of a really convenient installation.All you need is the very spirit of high hopes,a bit of patience and last but not the least,a clever conduct on how youInstall Parquet Flooring. Not to mention the fact that these elements won’t be available within your newly bought Parquet Floors Package,yet will turn out to be greatly favorable for you for the rest of your life if you consider having these traits within yourself!

The Super Easy and Timeless Parquet Flooring Installation

This exactly is what we’ve come up with,today at Our phenomenally skillful set of professional techniques as well as essential tips and tricks compilation is gonna help you a lot,with not just your convenientParquet FlooringInstallation but also with the post installation phase,as well.All you need to do is carefully act upon all these upcoming strategies and you’ll end up with a nicely laid Flooring in front of you,all sparkling in your place(s)and significantly boosting up your mood.You can,by then,call yourself an expert Flooring installer by all means!

Useful Ways to Follow on How to Install Parquet Flooring 

1.Prepping and Priming: 

For sure the most crucial step of any and every flooring installation.The very foundation does ask to be really smooth and nicely carried out,as this stage will ensure a flawless and fatigue free installation about to come.For this purpose,you’ll need to do a thorough decluttering,cleaning and complete drying of your intended floor(s),upto the extent which totally satisfies you!Make sure the floor is all clean and nicely dried up as well.


You’ll need to ensure the fact that the floor you wanna lay with the parquet flooring is adequately levelled and free of any imperfections.For this,you can make use of sand or any cement levelling compound to fill up those areas that are rather defiled.This subfloor levelling is to provide a smooth and even base for the Parquet Floors that’s meant to be overlaid.

level the subfloors


For the purpose of getting to know about the exact amount of substance required to install Parquet Flooring,you’ll need to carry out a thorough measurement of your intended space.In order to calculate that,recall your mathematics skills(and if you weren’t good at Maths in school,still no worries!)and do a simple multiplication of the length and breadth of your room,followed by keeping a 10 to 20%margin of the wastage.That resultant figure will be your Flooring requirement to acquire.

measurement parquet tiles


This part ensures the damage-free assortment of your flooring,in advance to its installation.Remember to place all of your parquet flooring pieces at one specific point,particularly away from moisture and direct sunlight.As for the parquet adhesive,you can have a consumption idea thus; 1.2 kg Parquet adhesive per square meter. 

organizing parquet floors


This is the very step on your way to install Parquet Flooring that’s gonna require you to be considerably careful and most importantly patient,as well. Start off by spreading a nice BUT CERTAINLY NOT EXCESSIVE amount of Parquet adhesive on the back of your Parquet blocks,followed by placing them adjacent to your floor(s).At this point,the most crucial factor to take care of is to let your Flooring dry completely for as long as possible,so as to ensure a perfect grip.

Lying parquet floors

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