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We offer a custom variety of easily maintainable vinyl flooring for your residential & commercial buildings at the lowest price.

Vinyl Flooring


Dream Floor Styling With Our Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Covering the floor with our top-quality vinyl planks/tiles not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures extra functionality.

High Aesthetic Value

Eye-catching patterns, colors, shapes, and textures.

Unique Functionality

Easy maintenance, thermoregulation, and comfort.

Eye-Catching Vinyl Patterned Floors

We craft our LVT flooring with multiple eye-catching patterns including Herringbone, Chevron, Versailles, Diamond, Weave, Diagonal, Stagger, and Grid.

Vinyl Flooring

Flooring Patterns

Most Demanded Vinyl Designs

Gum Vinyl Plank
Oak Vinyl Plank
Vinyl Flooring

Explore Creativity

Get Our Customized Vinyl Flooring Online!

We design our vinyl tiles with various patterns, textures, sizes, and colors to enhance your floor beautification and style.

A broad spectrum of solid or neutral colors.

Tiles with wooden, stony, or plain texture.

Custom sizes per your area requirements.

High Quality Vinyl Flooring

Flooring Perks

What Benefits Does Our Vinyl Flooring Offer?


Easy Maintenance

Easily maintain our vinyl-made flooring due to its highly resistant surface.


Sound Absorption

Keep the environment calm by absorbing irritating walking-foot sounds.

comfort (1)

Underfoot Comfort

Provide maximum underfoot comfort due to compacted and soft backing.


Extra Durability

Multiple layers of resilient materials that ensure high durability & lifespan.

Our Recent Vinyl Flooring Projects 2024

With 15+ years of experience, we have completed 1850+ successful flooring projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and nearby areas.



Bedroom Vinyl Flooring


Dinnig Room Vinyl Floring

Dinnig Room

Hospital Vinyl Flooring



Living Room Vinyl Flooring

Living Room

Office Vinyl Flooring



Expert Installation Services

Hire Our Team For Seamless Vinyl Floor Installation


Area Measurements

We take precise space measurements with modern tools.


Subfloor Preparation

Make the subfloor smooth and dent-free with compounds.

Expert Tiles Cutting

Accurate tile cutting for perfect fixing on the floor surfaces.


Excellent Finishing

For excellent finishing, we use shiners & protective coatings.

Why Choose Us For Vinyl Flooring?

Being a #01 vinyl flooring supplier in Dubai, Dubai Parquet Flooring ensures professional craftsmanship, extra durability, and unique customization. With a team of experts, we also offer proficient installation services at budget-friendly rates.

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Expert Maintenance Guide

100% Guaranteed Material

Vinyl Flooring


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Customer Reviews

You Motivate Us For 24/7 Working!

To enhance my floor’s durability and texture, I decided to renovate it. Their team suggested picking vinyl planks. After installation, now my floor has been given a stylish look. Thank You!

Ahmad Ali

This supplier has a wide collection of vinyl planks/tiles. I visited their store online. They asked me about my interior decor and theme to choose the best color scheme and pattern. They are really professional & experienced. Highly appreciated!


Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

Cheap Vinyl Flooring

Choosing our heavy-duty vinyl tiles/planks for your any residential or commercial building unlocks endless practical and aesthetic benefits. Our easily maintainable tiles provide maximum stain, dust, and scratch resistance to your floor surface with simple cleaning.

Yes, our waterproof and compact layered tiles can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen area. After installation, we use heavy-duty grout material to fill the gaps and imperfections that keep the water from seaming inside the flooring surface.

Yes, of course, we provide custom-made vinyl flooring to craft a tailored floor surface. You can get our custom tiles with bespoke sizes, laying patterns, textures, color shades, and shapes. Our team also assists you in selecting appropriate options as per your theme and decor requirements.

The installation of vinyl planks/tiles requires multiple necessary tools, prior experience, and guidelines. If you’re a beginner, don’t waste your time and money on DIY installation. We have an efficient team that offers flawless installation services at budget-friendly rates.

The lifespan of any flooring generally depends upon its material quality, craftsmanship, way of installation, and maintenance. Our professionally manufactured vinyl tiles/planks can last on average 12-15 years with simple and easy maintenance practices.