Dotted Mats

What are Dotted Mats? 

Dotted mats are the mats used to improve agility and speed. Noticeably, these mats are made up of rubber material that provides strength, stability, quickness, and coordination to your home floors. They are constructed from 1/8’’ black rubber and 40’’ and 48’’’ with a total six diameter full holes. They are a great source to improve the coordination, foot quickness, and mental focus of an athlete. These best-dotted rubber mats can be used for speed drills and swiftness while, on the other hand, offer a convenient size to allow for secure storage. It is considered to be one of the best mats suitable for bonding indoors or outdoors exercises. You can place them side by side to build high demanding drills. In these best-dotted mats, dots are sealed on the rubber mat of high-quality material. 


Features of having Dotted Mats 

At Dubai parquet flooring, we are offering the best features by making use of the highest classic quality material & usage of modern technology. The features of our rubber dotted mats provided to customers for selecting the best product they demand to have the following advantages: 

  • Excellent for agility, balance, quickness, and coordination drills.
  • Improve foot speed, reaction time, and stability.
  • Perform multiple footwork patterns.
  • Cushioned foam rubber construction.
  • Rolls up for Easy Storage.
  • Reduce glare to give an ideal position to redirect sunlight. 
  • Help to prevent heat damage. 
  • Help to improve your floor resale value. 
  • Inevitably Improves Air conditioner Performance.

We also offer wholesale dotted mats! 

Best Dotted Mats Suppliers 

In Dubai, we have fame in the market as the best-dotted mats suppliers. Our valuable customers are the main priority, so we offer the best superior quality mats products to dear customers. It is not easy to find a job to get the highest position among all companies. We rely on quality and customer care. It is highly recommended to use dotted mats to create an incredibly comfortable place where you install them. We have a wide range of collections of dot mats in Dubai available in different sizes, styles, and colors. 

One-stop-shop online to get all the paybacks within one product is our fantastic feature. To get the extreme outcomes, you can utilize our mats within your budget at a reasonable price and high quality!

Why do you Choose our Dotted mats? 

To produce excellent quality dotted mats, parquet Rubber flooring is the best in all Dubai and across the UAE. The versatility of designs, materials, patterns, and themes are offered in dotted rubber mats to our sincere and worthy customers. In return, we expect customer feedback and reviews to boost up the enthusiasm of the crew of our professionals. We provide the quality and long life of products with appealing looks and select the right materials for you. Customers are free to choose classic dotted mats. You can make a call any time!