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If you want to upgrade the floor of your place, get this versatile flooring choice.The eye-catching textures and patterns of the parquet flooring make your place more inviting and aesthetically appealing. Dubai Parquet Flooring offers premium quality flooring in an affordable price range. We provide floorings for residential as well as commercial areas.

Our floorings are very durable as well as long-lasting. We provide rubber flooring, laminate floor, kitchen flooring, wooden flooring, and many other types of flooring. You can use this flooring in a bedroom, kitchen, living room, conference halls, cubicles, and bathrooms. Our best-quality flooring enables an attractive appearance that also complements your interior.

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This versatile type of flooring is available in various textures for your place. We offer many unique designs and styles of this parquet floor tiles and planks. This flooring is environment-friendly and offers many favorable benefits. In addition, pricing of these tiles are very pocket-friendly, which makes them a practical choice for your floors.

Our modern flooring comes with the latest and unique designs that can transform the decor of your home, giving an extra touch of elegance. This is most durable flooring type, available in attractive and stylish patterns. These parquet floor tiles add a sleek and beautiful appearance to your place.

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Advantages of Our Parquet Flooring

Parquet floors have often appeared in luxury interiors, and our new parquet designs are more popular now than ever. It is easy to keep our flooring in fresh condition with a flexible cleaning schedule. Several beneficial features make it a practical flooring option.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

The attractive patterns and natural wood grain create a unique and gorgeous look that can complement any décor style. Get help from our consultants to choose the right design from various colors and patterns to match the décor of your room.

2. Durability

We use the highest quality hardwood to make it highly durable. Our flooring is very strong and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for use in residential or commercial places.

3. Easy Maintenance

Our parquet tiles can be sanded and refinished to remove any scratches or surface damage, giving them a renewed look. Our parquet flooring is made to remain beautiful and fresh for many years. Consider using a soft broom to clean its surface.

4. Sustainable

Our Parquet floors are a sustainable option as it is made of hardwood, a renewable resource. We use sustainably harvested wood to create their parquet products, making it an eco-friendly option for environmentally conscious people.

The sequence of Our Parquet Flooring Installation

It’s important to note that the right installation decides your floor’s durability and comfort level. Always choose the best and most reliable service providers for your floor treatments. We are the most trusted company and have a team of talented flooring installers. They install the parquet tiles very carefully and professionally to provide flawless flooring.

1. Design Selection

Selecting the design or pattern of the parquet floor is the most important step for your place. Choose a parquet design that complements the interior design of your place. We offer wood textures and installation patterns like herringbone, chevron, basketweave, and brick style.

2. Subfloor Preparation

To ensure perfect and durable installation, we prepare the floor to install the parquet tiles. We make your subfloor clean, level, and dry before the installation. Our professionals use a leveling compound to even out any low spots.

3. Flooring Installation

Our professionals are trained to install parquet flooring safely, quickly, and effectively. They maintain a consistent gap between the flooring and the wall to give it an elegant appearance. We make sure that every tile of our flooring is firmly fitted together.

4. Finishing

Once the flooring is fully installed, our experts remove the spacers and fill any gaps around the edges with wood filler. We sand the flooring lightly to remove any rough spots or unevenness. Our sealer or finish will give it a luxurious look.

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Our testimonials showcase the positive experiences and results our clients have had with us.

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Take note of our company when you look for the best flooring companies in Dubai. At Dubai Parquet Flooring, we emphasize innovative designs and professional installation of all flooring treatments. Our dedicated team of professionals diligently works to improve our services standards.

We provide different sizes and styles of flooring for your home and office. Our parquet tiles and planks are perfect for adding a sophisticated and elegant touch to your interior. Please contact us anytime for advice about the best flooring for your place. Our consultants are 24/7, ready to give professional suggestions for the right flooring solution.