Staircase Skirting

Define your home with our staircase skirting Dubai

You can recognize a very well-furnished home by the attention to detail and finishes. Nothing should be left to the imagination for the sake of interior harmony. Within this sense, the design and choice of stairs are essential.

Instead of merely connecting two floors, a staircase may become a genuine part of the decoration. Accordingly, staircase skirting often becomes essential: they can only be a detail, but the details may differ.

In some situations, stairs skirting not even considered, but when installed, they help to protect the wall from scuffs and establish harmony between the floor downstairs and the floor upstairs. Building a house on multiple floors must tackle the question of adding the stairs to the vertical relation.

Create a modern and perfect space with our staircase skirting

We create a variety of skirting, and all should use it for Staircase Skirting. The Metal Lines collection, which involves stainless steel and aluminum skirting boards with various styles, is remarkable for its durability and flexibility, but more than anything, for its nod to modern design. It is, therefore, the most appropriate option to achieve a modern, minimal space.

Make your stairs safe and comfortable with our staircase skirting

The project of a set of stairs involves professionalism; the relation must be built to be comfortable, and you’ll have to work with the room that you have available and the safety regulations that recommend methods for measuring each step in the tread and the pull.

The buyers often ask us, architects, to increase the organizer to save space by decreasing the size of stairs, but this requires forced displacement and use of the connection, which is undoubtedly less smooth. Comfort is instead the first place, evaluating the changeable needs of users.

Since the skirt is part of the trimming, we need to go from floor level to finished floor measurements. And we stunned the target area-the same as the upstairs.

So our goal is to cut a skirt that will bounce between the wall and the stairs with a horizontal line on top. That way, our rigid foam insulation can continue from the upstairs, right back the sides of the skirt, across the landing, back to the second flight of stairs, and then onto the level lower.

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